What does visitax mean to a traveler in Mexico?

Most men dream of traveling. Mexico is one of the destinations of most travelers. But there are certain conditions and things to know. So what is visitax for travelers to Quintana Roo? How to take it into account? Find out in this article the importance of visitax.

What is visitax?

Every visitor to Quintana Roo in Mexico is now subject to a tax. It is a tax that must be paid by every visitor over the age of 15. This law has been implemented and mandatory since April 2021. This fee allows the state to ensure the maintenance and revival of the tourism sector. It is this tax that is called visitax. Mexicans do not need to pay this tax. It is reserved only for tourists. This tax is mandatory for all international visitors. Quintana Roo is a place in Mexico that attracts many visitors every year. Analysis has shown that the number of visitors each year exceeds 04 million. Among them, you have Americans, Canadians, Europeans and some Africans. This is one of the reasons why the tax is mandatory. It is to enable the state to make this place that visitors love so much even more beautiful. Visit this site to learn more about the visitax: Visitax

Is the visitax tax mandatory?

Visitax is mandatory for all visitors. All visitors entering the state of Quintana Roo and its tourist sites must pay this tax. However, it is important to understand that if you come not with the intention of visiting the tourist sites and for leisure, you will not pay this tax. That is to say, if you come to Quintana Roo for educational or health reasons, you will not be on the list.
Payment is made through several means of payment. Among these payment methods, you have PayPal. For payment, you must fill out a form that contains: Name, email address, Age and date of return. So take a tour of Quintana Roo to discover the wonders.