What are the steps to follow to adopt a dog?

Faced with the irresistible face of a dog, it is often difficult to keep one's sanity. However, before welcoming a four-legged friend into your home, you should be aware of the steps to be taken beforehand. Indeed, you have the ability to find this doggie in several places. At the time of the adoption, you will also have to fulfill certain formalities. We'll tell you more in the following.

Go to an association or a pet store to adopt a dog

There is no shortage of places where you can adopt a dog. In fact, you have the possibility of approaching a shelter to welcome a doggie in your home. Usually run by associations for abandoned animals, shelters allow you to make your dream come true. Although the adoption process is a bit complicated and strict, you're making a good choice by choosing to adopt from a shelter. Follow these advice to find out how to adopt a dog without an animal shelter.
If you can't adopt from a shelter, you can get your dog from a pet store. Before giving in to temptation, take the trouble to find out about the structure, the origin of the dog and the conditions under which it is kept.

The conditions to be met to adopt a dog

The adoption of a dog is reserved for people who have reached the age of majority. In addition, during the process, you will have to provide some documents in order for the adoption to be official. The documents to be provided are an identity card, a proof of residence dating less than 3 months and a proof of income. 
In addition, if you adopt your dog from a shelter, you will have to go through an interview or answer a questionnaire so that the people in charge can verify your motivations and make sure that you will provide for the dog's needs.

What to do after you adopt a dog

When you adopt a dog, you must report the change of owner within a few days of the adoption. The notification is made to the ICAD. In addition, when adopting a guard and defense dog or an attack dog, you must provide a certificate of aptitude and a possession permit. In addition, you must also take out civil liability insurance.