Some things that cause a marriage to be unbalanced

As a groom or groom-to-be, start by being the best spouse you can be. Everyone is looking for the perfect partner, but most forget to be one. Here are some factors to focus on.

The search for balance in love

Certainly, having a good sexual relationship with your spouse is paramount, but it is not enough to keep the couple healthy. Avoid as much as possible any talk that might create boredom and frustration in the other. Give each other more positive feedback than negative feedback. Negative remarks are the source of irritation; something that is toxic for the couple. If you want to have a peaceful, happy and lasting marriage, be careful with your words. It is not forbidden to reproach each other; be strict when necessary. When you feel that your wife is sad after giving her a scolding, get close to her and kiss her. Then calmly explain to her why you did what you did. Wedding planners are available for you; read what he said.

No one is perfect: dangerous to forget

If you are facing a problem in your marriage, don't hold your spouse responsible. Acknowledge that you are responsible for the problem. Remember that you are not perfect, and neither is your spouse. Don't ask the other person to change without first seeking change in yourself. Acknowledge your flaws first.

How to handle marital disputes

Don't think your marriage is the worst in the world if you happen to argue a few times. Both of you are not angels; arguments can happen and they also strengthen intimacy. But you have to know how to deal with them, that's the ideal. When you are having a discussion and you feel an argument coming on, stop it. You need to recognize each other's flaws, weaknesses and prohibitions. These three elements are red lines, you have to deal with them.