Discerning truth from falsehood on the Internet

Today's world is governed by a continuous flow of information that invades us without us always being able to identify its veracity. If you're wondering how to discern truth from fiction on the Internet, this article offers some tips.

Examine the source of the information

One of the most important things to do when you receive information is to analyze its source. A website allow you to check the source of articles and quotes you find on the net. To examine the source of a web page for example, check its web address. If it contains misspellings in company names or has strange sounding extensions, there is a possibility that the source is suspect. 

It is important to note that individuals who spread fake news or altered stories create web pages, fake images or newspaper layouts that may look real but are not. Also look at the author of the publication you are reading. Is he or she a person with enough professional experience in the field being discussed? Does he or she have good expertise or not? All of this can help you identify the source of your information.

Be a critical thinker

False information often has an advantage: it looks credible. This can easily lead you to believe it. Moreover, this information tends to create strong instinctive reactions in the reader, whether it is anger, emotion, fear, sorrow or even sometimes joy...

It is then necessary that you control your emotional reaction to such stories. Instead, approach what you see and hear in a rational and critical way. Ask yourself why you are writing this or that information. Is it really to inform you or is it just to get you to join a cause, buy a product, etc. By having such a critical sense, you will be able to discern the true from the false.