What can we know about the chatbot ?

The bot once used for the sole purpose of performing automated tasks now has a greater purpose. With the meteoric evolution of technology, the chat bot can now provide help in a more intelligent way. So find out how important a chatbot is to a business and what it means.

What is a chatbot ?

A chatbot is a computer program, an artificial intelligence, that mimics and processes a human conservation, with the aim of answering concerns. In fact, there are two basic types of chatbot and you can check here. First, there are the task-oriented chatbots, which generate basic information and are more concerned with support and service functions. In fact, their missions are well-defined and mostly revolve around common questions.
Predictive chatbots, on the other hand, are more sophisticated, personalized, interactive and have a tendency to learn. As a result, they are capable of predictive analytics to thoroughly address different concerns. Thus, predictive chatbots can master, over time, a user's preferences, make suggestions, anticipate needs and even engage in conversation. As an example, we can mention Siri and Alexa which are respectively the virtual assistants configured by the company Apple and Amazon.

The advantages of a chatbot for a company

Companies often use this robot to interact with their customers in a faster and more efficient way. It therefore considerably reduces the limits of the work done by the human and allows to optimize the rendering for the company and the satisfaction of the customers. In addition, the chatbot allows the company to save money, improving its operational capabilities, while reducing staff.
Besides that, chatbots can provide information at any time unlike humans. Therefore, they can bring an unlimited number of customers to the company, and then satisfy the need of each of them, even during the closed hours of the company. Moreover, the use of a chatbot allows to keep personal relations with its customers, by using the intellectual capacities of the robot to imitate perfectly the human.