What are the important criteria for choosing the best bookmaker ?

Before starting to bet online and hoping to win money, it is wise to take the time to get acquainted with the offers proposed by the bookmakers. Indeed, several essential criteria must be taken into account. You will discover in this article some criteria to make the right choice.

The reputation

A good reputation often means seriousness, reliability and honesty. If a bookmaker has obtained notoriety, it is probably not for nothing. Indeed, it is thanks to its qualities and its complete sports betting offer that it has been able to seduce a maximum of players. By visiting btc-betting.com you will discover the best bookmakers in Bitcoin. 

Some websites have several million players worldwide. This is one of the best guarantees of satisfaction. Another proof of reliability is the granting of gambling licenses by the countries of the European Union. In France, it is the ANJ, the National Gaming Authority (formerly ARJEL), which issues them.


Essential to avoid unpleasant surprises, the security of financial transactions and the protection of personal information are features that bookmakers must master. Let's be reassured, most of them have already done everything possible to protect the bets. In addition, contact details and other information about bettors are carefully guarded and not disclosed to third parties.


Usability is a subjective criterion, but notably determines whether we will use the website again or not. An ergonomic site should be easy to use and user-friendly. Taking bets should be as easy as possible. The bookmakers we advise have already developed their interfaces several times with this in mind and even allow you to bet from your telephone. The opening time of the web pages and the existence of a well-designed help section play a big role in the balance.

Customer service

In case of any concerns, it is nice to have a competent and responsive customer service. The solutions to get in touch with a website are to go through a contact form, chat (instant messaging), the phone or simply by exchanging emails. It is sometimes possible to send a fax or a letter by post. The language used and the response time are the qualities of a good customer service. To this end, this indispensable service is often organized in such a way that it can be reached at all times.