What are the advantages of Argentina?

Located in South America, Argentina is a country with considerable natural resources that are very attractive. A highly commercial country, it is a major exporter of agricultural products to the world. You obviously want to know more about this country. Find out more about this great nation in the following details.

A nation rich in mineral resources

Argentina is a country very rich in underground resources. It has huge mineral reserves that massively support its industrial sector. You can read more news right here to feed your intellectual baggage. In the west of the country, iron, silver, zinc and gold litter the subsoil. Because of the richness of the subsoil, the industry has grown spectacularly. As a result, Argentina is the sixth richest country in the world in terms of natural mining resources.

A highly developed agricultural sector

Argentina's soils are extraordinarily fertile. Thus, food products are grown in considerable quantities in many parts of the country. In terms of maize production, Argentina ranks sixth in the world. Soybeans are also widely cultivated. In addition, cotton and sugar cane, to name but a few, are also planted in Argentina. The country also has an important vineyard which places it in fifth position among the best wine producers in the world.

A football-loving country

Argentina is a nation with a great reputation in the field of football. Sixteen of its clubs hold top positions in the game. In 1978, it won the World Cup against the Netherlands. In addition, it won the second world cup in 1986. Today, the country has the best footballers and good sports teams. The country's sporting achievements, especially in football, are numerous and impressive.

Finally, the state of Argentina has many natural and other assets, not to mention the football that has made it so famous. These few profiles of Argentina make it a dream country for many people.