How to make a good first impression?

No matter what the occasion, job interview, new love encounter, the first impressions that one can have on you are made in a few seconds. Of course, this is a very short time to form an opinion about a person. But unfortunately, that's how it happens. Here are a few tips to help your contacts form a good opinion of you in the first few moments.

Work on your digital and physical presentation

First impressions don't just happen when you meet someone physically. Through a profile picture, a presentation text, an interlocutor can judge you and form an opinion of you. To do this, it’s important to know how to present yourself to others. In the world of employment, today, recruiters tend to consult social profiles. For this reason, it is advisable to introduce yourself as simply as possible.

Besides, it is necessary to make sure that your clothes, your hair, your language is as correct as possible. You should therefore avoid fancy clothes, grandiloquence, and many other defects that could lead to misjudging you.

Express yourself well

During a meeting or a conference, your interpersonal and verbal skills are two elements that you must rigorously work on. You must be careful not to appear flippant, impertinent, and especially arrogant. These are nasty flaws that most recruiters don't appreciate.

Adopt a modest appearance

If you are too proud of yourself, it will be noticed in the way you walk, in the way you hold yourself, etc. When you meet others for the first time, these parameters are the ones you should take into account. As for greeting, it should be proportionate. Shake a hand without holding it too tightly. Just the basics so you don't appear too clingy, too insistent. These little things will help you get good impressions from the people you meet for the first time.