Check the validity of your emails : all you need to know

When you send an email, several cases can arise : either the email reaches the recipient's inbox without any problem, or the recipient does not exist or no longer exists. It is also possible that the email is filtered by its anti-spam software. During an emailing campaign, these uncertainties can cause damage to the real impact of your campaign. Would you like to check the validity of your email addresses before sending one of your campaigns ? Good news, it is now possible ! Discover everything here.

Purpose of email validity check

Checking the validity of your emails before sending will allow you to eliminate upstream a large part of the email addresses which do not exist or no longer exist and which will fail when sending. You can do it with the best email verification tools. Addresses deleted following a change of mailbox or professional activity : there is no need to send your message to these non-existent addresses, also called hard bounce. They are potentially numerous in your base and the planet will thank you for this small gesture. In addition to the shipments saved, the purpose is to preserve your reputation as a sender. If you address too many hard bounces, it will have a negative impact on your reputation and you risk being classified as spam.

Email deliverability analysis tools

It is important to ensure the quality of its infrastructure for sending emails and the quality of the deliverability of its emails. This can be achieved through verification tools offered on the Internet. The purpose of these tests is to validate the content of the email or to report any inconsistencies in your messaging architecture so that your message is not considered spam. These tools increase the deliverability rate of an email and reduce the number of rejections by anti-spam. Easy to use, you just have to post the email to the email address automatically generated by the tool. It is also possible to change the destination address to a personalized address. They offer a very well detailed result.