A Quick Review of MedEvac Express

MedEvac Express is an international medical air ambulance company with its headquarters based in Germany but operates globally. They help arrange medical repatriation flights nationwide and international during emergency on either short or long term notice.

What are the services they offer ?

They arrange air medical escort services. These medical escorts are specialist that can perform first aid treatments in case of emergencies or health complications during the flights to get more information click he said. Situations can also arrive whereby the patient has no relatives close by to accompany them on such flights hence, a medical escort will be there to keep them company and serve as a source of reassurance.  Bed -to-Bed service which ensures the smooth transfer a patient from a hospital bed at  home country to a hospital bed in abroad and vice versa. This service includes full-ground service to the medical facility of destination.

For international patients in foreign countries, they ensure that an interpreter and translator  is available to eliminate linguistic problems and in the translation of certain documents. They also assist in catering for other necessities such as feeding, accommodation, clothing, etc., for both the patient and accompanying relative or friend.

Benefits of Using MedEvac Express

They are a 24/7 medical air ambulance company. Their services are always accessible at any hour or time of the day from any part of the world. Their staff are always available on short term notice.

MedEvac  pricing policies are quite affordable, tailored and designed to meet the pocket of all clients regardless of their social stratification.

MedEvac Express possess qualified and well-trained medical specialist with  extensive years of experience. They assist in timely arrangements of traveling documents  on short term notice. They can  also arrange for the issuance of special entry permit should the patient or accompanying family member or relatives do not have the necessary traveling documents.

MedEvac Express has been in operation for over 40 years, patients can be rest assured of being in safe hands.