5 key facts about jobs in the marine leisure sector

The marine leisure sector offers a multitude of exciting and varied job opportunities for those attracted by the sea. Whether you're an ace sailor, an excellent boat maintainer or an outstanding hostess, this field offers many opportunities and interesting career prospects. Here are a few things you should know about this fascinating field.

A wide range of jobs

yachting jobs are extremely varied. In practice, you can embark on a career as a captain or as a member of a ship's crew. Nor should we forget marine engineers, hospitality professionals and maintenance technicians. Basically, there's a wide range of possibilities, whether you're drawn to sailing, engineering, catering or entertainment. For each of these passions, there are jobs to be had.

Training and qualifications

While there's great diversity in the maritime field, it's important to remember that many jobs require the presentation of official diplomas. In other words, those aspiring to this type of position are required to undergo specific training and possess precise qualifications. For example, a yacht captain is required to hold qualifications such as Yachtmaster or Ship Security Officer. It is therefore essential to find out what training is required for each of the positions you may be interested in, so that you can follow the appropriate training programs.

Unique working conditions

Working on a ship, whether at sea or elsewhere, generally offers unique working conditions. It has to be said that these types of jobs generally involve irregular schedules that fluctuate between long periods away from home and changing work environments. However, these changing conditions also provide a rewarding experience in terms of exciting travel and opportunities to work in exotic destinations. It is especially advisable to take these aspects into account before considering a career in the marine yachting sector.

International contract opportunities

The marine leisure sector is truly global, offering many opportunities to work abroad. Luxury yachts, for example, often sail to different destinations around the world.

In other words, professionals in this sector must be prepared to go to the ends of the earth if the contract calls for it. They generally have the opportunity to work in all kinds of places around the world, discovering beautiful, different and incredible cultures. Above all, the international nature of this sector is a great asset for professionals to obtain opportunities for advancement on a global scale.

Constant industry evolution

Like any other field, the marine leisure industry is constantly evolving to meet customer demands and new regulations. As a result, new specifications, job opportunities and trends are constantly emerging.

In terms of examples, there is today’s growing need for professionals specializing in marine renewable energies and waste management, due to the increasing importance of environmental protection. All these changes make it more crucial than ever to know how the sector is evolving, so that you can adapt to it and position yourself for the opportunities that will develop in the meantime. Another tangible example is the emergence of cutting-edge technologies. With new advances in this field, the coming years will see more and more empowerment and management of computerized systems on board ships. The next logical step would be to enlist the help of computer systems specialists on board these liners.